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Our commitment to diversity includes a range of initiatives that help our employees work in an open, flexible and creative environment. We actively encourage individuals to be themselves and use all of their talents for the benefit of themselves and others. Some of our diversity initiatives are as follows:

Our employees are continuously learning being associated with experienced colleagues in their respective fields. Mentoring not only helps them develop professionally through means of constant feedback on performance, but also motivates them to perform better, which eventually helps us develop and retain potential employees. 
Training and Development
We provide our employees with an environment that fosters learning and development, which enables them to realize their potential. CBL has a fully-fledged training function which focuses on international and local training, on-the-job training (OJT) and in-house training programmes to ensure development of functional, technical, managerial and soft skills. The company has recently taken initiatives to develop a self-study and e-learning culture for the employees thus adding more prospects for employee development.
Talent Management/Succession Planning Programmes
Talent management and development is of high priority at CBL. The talent management programme commences by attracting the right person for the position and ends at identifying the successor for each key position in the organization. Our performance management system enables us to identify potential employees who could be developed for future leadership positions, through an integrated system of training and development and reward management.
Recruitment of Females and Minority
We foster diversity through a variety of profiles, working across functions, through which we nurture creativity, vitality and productivity that directly contributes to our sustainable growth. Our desire is for a diverse and inclusive workforce regardless of language, nationality, work-style, learning style, culture, ethnicity, job level, gender, skills, life experiences, physical abilities, thinking style and marital or family status. A leading example of diversity is that 70% of employees currently employed at CBL are females.
Continental Biscuits Ltd 
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Floor # 12, Q.M Building, Plot: BC-15,Block-7 
KDA Scheme # 5, Clifton, Karachi - Pakistan
Phone : +92-21-111-771-771
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E-mail : info@cbl.com.pk

Continental Biscuits Ltd
Production Facility (Factory)
S.I.T.E, Shikarpur Road,
Sukkur - Pakistan
Phone : +92-21-111-771-771
Fax : +92-21-3514711
E-mail : factory@cbl.com.pk

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