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Responsibility to Enviroment
Sustainability has always been an integral part of CBL's recipe for success and will always be in the years to come. We promote and maintain environmentally responsible practices for the benefit of our customers, consumers, employees and the communities in which we operate. We strive for continual improvement through the development of specific programmes that address the environmental cost and impact of our activities, products and services. As a consequence, we are committed to use resources efficiently, minimize waste and measure our environmental impact. 
We not only propagate a cleaner and a greener environment but have taken a number of measures that have fostered a positive environment around our employees and our society from decades. 

We contribute in the natural beauty by growing more and more plants around our factory, nearby areas and inside the residential colonies in Sukkur. The gardens and lawns in the vicinity with abundance fragrant flowers not only produce a relaxing environment but also attract beautiful birds of different species. 

Moreover, we are an ISO14001 certified company, which indicates that our material and processes waste do not harm the environment we live in. We have a concise and effective policy for quality and environment that is well communicated to all our employees from top down to individual workers. 

Our policy has been upgraded and incorporated in the consolidated Integrated Management System Policy (ref IMS/01/MP001). n line with this policy, our factory tries to maximize eco-efficiency, i.e., increase production while minimizing resource consumption, waste and emissions. 

Air pollution is kept to minimum by using natural gas thus reducing our emissions well below the legal limits. 
We have put up a waste treatment setup to control the waste hazards to acceptable limits, set by National Environmental and Quality Standards (NEQS). The set up manages all waste fluids generated by the factory, effectively monitored by our Quality Management Team, for further use. Thus all waste water is processed in the most efficient way, controlling water chemistry and treating it for gardening purpose. 

Similarly the gaseous effluents are controlled by installing special tall height chimneys according to NEQS. The forklifts used in the processing area are battery operated to avoid harmful emission of fuel gases from the exhaust. 

Our materials suppliers are also being educated on approaches to environment protection. Our obligation to the society has enabled us to invest seriously in projects that protect our environment.

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